If you have attended a Created for Care retreat you know the blessing it is to be surrounded by women who “get it”. Women who have walked a similar path, with similar struggles and victories- and that time together is so precious. Our heart for Created for Care is for you to take the blessings and lessons of these retreats home to your family and friends.  We are so honored to walk alongside you as you and help you plan your OWN mini retreat- a chance to bring hope, education, refreshment- and hopefully chocolate- to your very own community.

Through this portion of our website, you’ll find some resources to help you plan your own mini retreat and helpful suggestions for along the way. Please know- every mini retreat can look so very different based on many factors- resources, budget, facilities, volunteers- and that is the beauty of this time together! There is no RIGHT or WRONG way to have a mini retreat. You could have 5 moms gathering at someone’s house, or 50 moms hosted at a church building- the possibilities are endless!

We are here to assist you in making this successful and as beneficial and personalized as possible to you and those you want to serve. Feel free to contact Laura Phillips at createdforcareminiretreats@gmail.com with any questions. She will help guide you through your own resources, the resources that Created for Care has available and brainstorm and troubleshoot common details and processes (registration, payment, etc.) that come along with hosting a mini retreat.

Lastly, please let us hear from you as you plan and execute your mini retreat! We would LOVE to hear personal testimonies of how God worked at your mini retreat, as well as the unique ways you made your retreat a special time for those specific moms who attended! This will be a huge asset to us as we share with other moms all over the country how the Lord can- and will- work as moms step out in faith to reach moms in their own community. Let’s do this!