Do you have the missing C4C winter blues? We are too!

Sweet Created for Care moms!

Happy New Year! Now it’s been 8 years since we first started brain storming the need for something like Created for Care–and this is our FIRST year we aren’t spending our JANUARY hustling and bustling with the last minute preparations for the February and March retreats. One thing is for SURE–we are going to miss the mess out of ALL of you this year!

We wanted to let you know about a couple of retreats and conferences ahead just in case some of you need a little refreshing in this season! Retreats and Conferences you must know about…

  • REFRESH (SC)…This is a retreat for foster and adoption moms in South Carolina coming up VERY SOON–January 12th and 13th! It is called Refresh–and will be in Simpsonville, SC. You can sign up to just attend Friday night or attend for the entire weekend! You can find out more details here, and Pam Parish and Andrea Young will both be two of the main speakers there.
  •  Big Love Adoption Retreat…is a mini-retreat that will take place in Rock Hill, SC (York County). The dates are February 23rd-24th, and you can REGISTER HERE. Our very own team member Laura Phillips is a part of this one so we are a little bit dying to go to this one ourselves! Early bird pricing ends THIS MONDAY!!! We love the “mini” in mini-retreats because smaller environments mean deeper connections–but word on the street is this one is quickly growing. Check it out mommas!
  • Refresh (Seattle)…There is a conference for both moms and dads called Refresh, and it’s in Seattle (March 2nd-3rd). Some of you may remember Jayne Schooler and Kristen Berry from past Created for Care retreats! Ann Voscamp will also be there–as well as Angela Tucker who let us share her documentary for one of our movie nights several years ago! You can learn more about Refresh here.
  • Together CalledNow this one sounds HEAVENLY. Y’all. A couple’s retreat! It’s called “Together Called” and it’s March 23rd-25th at the beautiful Bear Creek Mountain RESORT. Holla!! That’d be on 330 acres in Berks County, Pennsylvania. The registration fee includes registration for both, meals and your lodging with your honey. This one just sounds amazing for couples and you can register HERE. There’s still room y’all!

Do you know other retreats we could share with moms throughout the country? Please let us know so we can continue to share and post them for others to learn about! (We aren’t checking our C4C email regularly as we focus on family in this season–so let us know by messaging Andrea Young or Created for Care on Facebook, and we will add it on our next entry here! We will also create a page soon with links for other foster/adoption mom events and retreats!)

Leading up to our normal retreat time–our team has thought of you moms almost daily. How could we not?! Each of you have been such a big part of our hearts for so many years! For those of you missing C4C we want to provide you with support during our time of rest by sharing some of our favorite sessions during the 7 years of retreats! We will be creating a little space RIGHT here just for YOU where we post downloads of past sessions in MP3 format for you to download and listen to!

So…grab a blanket and cozy up by the fire and enjoy this oldie but goodie from one of our first Created for Care retreat! This session was led by Beth Templeton and is titled “Finding Strength in the Lord as a Busy Mom”. DOWNLOAD BY CLICKING HERE. We hope that it brings you encouragement as you listen, and in the weeks and months ahead we can use this space and ministry to continue to encourage you right where you are. You are LOVED!

Happy New Year,

The Created for Care Team


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