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April 19, 2012 Our vision playing out… {the C4C mini} If you came to C4C this year, then you heard the story of how we started. The Lord pressed on my heart to invite 25 adoption moms to come together for a weekend, to rest, to be refreshed and to 0
February 25, 2012 January & March Breakout Sessions Friday,  Breakout Session  - 4:00 – 5:30pm African American Haircare with African American Hair Stylist Nisia Murray and her lovely Regan & adoptive mom Erica Shubin. (Come learn about different hair textures, hair products and simple styles) Get ready to laugh 0
September 19, 2011 C4C 2012 Breakout Sessions! YAY!!! I’m super excited to share that the C4C 2012 Breakout Sessions are ready to share!!! Here’s the low down on the session topics on the weekend! It’s going to be SO refreshing…SO much fun…and just SO good to worship 0
February 20, 2011 A sneak peak… 2011 Slideshow Here is a sneak peak in our we got our weekend started…with this slideshow with just a tiny glimpse of some of the families represented there. Thank you to all who sent in pictures! Truly, God has great 0
February 1, 2011 Created for… Caring for Your Family I have never experienced fatique and the weight of burdens more in my life than after we brought home our newest son. Would he be okay? What would he be like in 10 or 20 years? 0